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Agrelo is world renowned for its opulent and aromatically complex wines. It is located in the western foothills of the Andes mountains and is a part of the Lujan de Cuyo department.

The altitude at our estate is 980 m.a.s.l. At this height, sunlight is more intense and grapes ripen during warm days. These sunny days are followed by much cooler nights. The broad thermal amplitude in this region is the district´s main feature: it extends the ripening period and balances acidity.

Soils in Agrelo are sandy loam with a deeper layer of gravelly stones, made up from eroded, mineral-rich material from the slopes of the Andes. These soils have exceptional drainage. Using drip irrigation, viticulturists are able to carefully control yield and vigor, and produce small berries with an excellent concentration of sugars, acids and tannins.


José is the Co-founder and Director of Winemaking at Huarpe Wines. He has built an international career throughout the years: he was chief winemaker at J. Hofstaetter Winery in Alto Adige, Italy; winemaker at the Graf Adelmann Winery in Baden-Württemberg, Germany; and research associate at the Weinsberg Wine Institute, Germany.

José received degrees in Viticulture and Oenology from the Heilbronn Institute, Germany and attended graduate programs in winemaking at the Weinsberg Wine Institute, Germany and the Scuola del Vino in Italy.

He conducted his first vintage at the age of seventeen in the old family wine business, the Toso Winery. Since then, José has continued to explore terroirs in Mendoza, unveiling their potential to create elegant and balanced wines. “Each harvest is unique and an exciting challenge for the whole team. Making wine is a life-long endeavor”, says José.