• Our shared passion
    is to create outstanding wines.
  • Welcome to Huarpe Wines
    We come from a family with a renowned tradition in the world of wine.
  • We respect our roots
    and, at the same time, we hold an innovative vision of the future.
  • Huarpe is committed

    to the preservation of our natural resources.

It is believed that Rothschild, a great connoisseur of the wine industry, affirmed that “the business of wine is very simple; the only problem is its first hundred years.”
Huarpe Wines captures the aspirations of three brothers who were born into this wine world. Our family has been making high-end wines for over a century and we inherited the passion and commitment to create wines that truly represent our terroir.
Huarpe Wines is a dream come true after many years of sustained and hard work; it is the three brothers’ wish to share what inspires our family to the present day: our terroir and our winemaking philosophy.